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Concept: enterprise development by the employees and enterprises to grow
Employing the principle: sainted and talented, promoted
There is no virtue, cultivate the use of
Not only one, the restriction of the use of
Without virtue, can not be retained
Artificially, the first, zero starting point.
Human oriented. Consists of two bases and two safeguards. The foundation of "respect and love, through play," with people to reflect the basic two; through "provide an opportunity for the development of every post, which create the conditions for each class of climbing education. The security of the strict requirements of the cadres "democracy, cheerful, tenacious, dedication, restraint and resolutely implement the cross style to reflect the security of people; through the two cadres" six basic skills "and resolutely implement strict requirements to reflect.
Contend for the first. By four strong, a dialectical composition. First, stronger than the practice, against empty words; second, stronger than the difficulties, tenacious victory; third, stronger than the effect, to ensure convergence; fourth, stronger than their own, beyond the self. A dialectical is the strong and weak of the strong and the weak to be distinguished.
Zero starting point. "Stronger than than the weak, than not Binet, than than, than the target than the past, forget the immediate achievement, always remember the lesson, the starting point is always zero" management thinking.