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        Construction and operation of technical center
        Technology Center for the development and application of functions to provide new products, new technologies, new materials, new equipment, new technology for enterprises to carry out the future of the market, advanced research, development and design, research cooperation, accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. Company technical deputy general manager in charge of technical center, equipped with two capacity and higher quality of the director, deputy director, easy for the smooth development of the daily work of the technical center. Technology center set office, technology development, product design and research department, technology research and development department, product research and testing base, production base, computer network center, defined the responsibilities of various departments, and to develop a system of job responsibility. In order to make decisions on major issues of development direction, key issues and technology center of the budget, set up by the general manager director, technical committee composed of design, technology, production, sales, quality and financial department. Hired the Shanghai internal combustion engine research institute, HeFei University of Technology, Jiangsu University and the domestic and foreign industry experts committee composed of experts on major projects to guide decision-making. The establishment of the technical committee, the Committee of experts, technical center three levels of organization. The design of control using the ISO9001 and TS16949 international standards, revised technology center management system, make the project selection, project, process management system, formulate annual and monthly plan and long-term research and development direction.
       Two, enterprise and technology center of information construction
       Science and technology center of special attention to the construction of information technology, the establishment of a resource sharing platform, CAD/CAM technology to promote the application, so that the efficiency of product design and development to improve 2-3 times, shorten the cycle of about 30%. ERP enterprise resource planning system and the implementation of network engineering construction, greatly enhance the management level of the branch.Enterprise is the main body of technological innovation. From 80s onwards, has insisted on the implementation of the project, the establishment of a technology as a link to the project as the carrier, enterprise led, complementary advantages, joint research, the successful model.
       Three, technical innovation talent team construction
       Department each year from colleges and universities and the talent market recruitment of graduates, the production line assessment exercise after the redeployment of technology center and other important technical positions. On the other hand, Bureau attaches great importance to staff training, especially pay attention to the engineering technical personnel education project, both at home and abroad participate in various learning and training organizations each year, domestic and foreign experts to conduct technical seminars and exchanges, encourage them to use their spare time of postgraduate courses. With the opportunity to learn all kinds of modern diesel engine design and test theory, and to continuously improve their business ability and technical innovation level. Hire technical experts of part-time, to pass precious knowledge to others. Expand the knowledge of science and technology personnel, broaden the field of knowledge. In the aspect of scientific and technological personnel treatment, do wages and the ability to link, housing priority, relative employment priority, priority to join the party, on the relevant policies were given tilt. In order to mobilize the enthusiasm of scientific and technical personnel, in addition to improving the basic salary of scientific and technical personnel, but also established a project development incentive system,
       Four, the core competence of enterprises, the key technology of independent intellectual property rights
       Strengthening the construction of technology center is a great matter to the development of enterprises. Over the years, science and technology development company chief leadership attaches great importance to the construction and development of Technology Center, has invested hundreds of millions of dollars into new product development and research and development infrastructure capacity.
In the field of intellectual property management, the company attaches great importance to the protection of intellectual property rights, the establishment of the intellectual property management office, with a person in charge of patent management, reporting.
       Five, research and development, testing conditions for construction
       In order to improve the ability of independent development of enterprises, technical center in addition to the decision-making, think tanks and a lean, rich experience in the design of research teams and funds, it is necessary to carry out the construction of hardware.