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       It is not the more the better technology, but the more the core technology is better, branch made efforts to overcome all the problems, so that they have a set of their own company's core technology, science and technology is constantly trying to.
       Technology innovation is the eternal power of enterprise development, mechanism innovation is the soul, and constantly improve the personnel structure, make the work more scientific, modern, system and procedure of the management of the track, realizing the fundamental change of organizational system, the expenditure of enterprise technology development funds can get greater protection, product development and enterprise development closely together, to adapt to the modern enterprise competition.
       Enterprises to develop, science and technology to the first, the development of enterprises can not do without the hard work of all scientific and technological personnel, for the engineering and technical personnel to develop a series of preferential policies to mobilize the enthusiasm of scientific research personnel. The first implementation of allocation tilt, open and ordinary workers income disparity in the technical team, a major innovation for the development of enterprise development projects to give rewards to the increase of income to maintain the basic stability of the science and technology team. At the same time, enterprises try to help them solve the specific difficulties in life and learning, encourage them to constantly update knowledge, strengthen learning, establish a hard study, improve the style of work, and strive to innovation, re innovation.
       In cooperation, the company built a market-oriented, business oriented, scientific research institutions and universities for technology based on cooperative mode, through multiple talents and training, make the enterprise product development level and R & D strength continued to improve.