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        Shandong Kofo Co., Ltd. is a collection of diesel engine research and development, manufacturing, sales as one of the specialized high-tech enterprises. The main products of the company are R, 100, Y80 and Steyr four series diesel engine, power range from 10Kw to 360Kw.
        The company since its inception, manufacturing in Weifang of the national diesel engine base of the unique regional superiority, Shizhibuyi walk the road of the development of science and technology innovation practice, I have no people, I have excellent value products, to provide high quality products to customers.
        Companies follow the professional and focused on the policy, focusing on production, more prominent, and strive to achieve my mountain peak realm.
        Major: the company has a technical team and management team with more than twenty years of experience in the production of diesel engine, adhere to the market oriented, customer demand as the focus.
        Focus: the company is committed to the production of diesel engines and small construction machinery, concentrated research, production, and strive to provide products to meet the needs of different.
        Highlight: outstanding quality, establish the image, take the road of brand development.